Start accepting crypto payments

You're not early. In fact, you're late. Crypto is mainstream used by over 300 million people worldwide. Give them what they want

rull business

Let the coffee lovers

pay for flat whites

with crypto

Let the music maniacs




with crypto

Let the crypto holders


their funds

for cash

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Imagine a cash register that takes rubles, euros, pounds, bitcoin, and golden doubloons, and swaps them into the value you want. Rull does just that. Instantly

Rocket speed

0.0001s. That's the time that passes between your sale, and you getting paid in the currency you want

Human friendly

You'll be amazed at how many customers prefer to pay with crypto. Make them feel at home

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One-click implementation

You do that click and we'll take care of the rest

01No time-wasting

Rull API is a one-click solution

02No starting fee

Onboarding is free of charge. Now and forever

03No hardware

All you need is an API installation

04No limits

We're ready to facilitate anything from 10 £ to 10 BTC

Meet the revenue fees. As fair as fair can go

You don’t pay anything until you earn 50K

Once you’re there, you’d grant us 2 % of your earnings

And once you get over 250K, it’d be 5 %. And there it stops

Or.. you can go custom

We’re open to any ideas


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50K €

250K €

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